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Are you ready for the ultimate design experience?

Design is a critical element in the building process and we specialize in it. The entire design process from blueprints, to vision creation, the interior designer, right to the last piece of furniture selection and placement. We are a multi-award-winning build and design team and this is included when building through Colbray Homes.


It starts with space planning and functionality, this is a key aspect to great design and is always unique to each individual's wants and needs. Once we have teamed up with you to create your perfect plan, let's create a vision by meshing the functional requirements with our client's desired aesthetic and atmosphere to create a concept.

We strongly believe in what interior design can do for you!

"The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph", and we have an abundance of that."


Save money

Yes, you read that right! It starts with saving a ton of time and we all know that time is money! Having someone with a deep understanding of the industry as a whole, helping you choose and source the materials, products, and finishes that fit into your style and budget, as well as achieve the quality expectation. This is a ton of work that gets wiped from your plate. As well as help to stay on budget while still carrying out your vision.

Doing it right the first time also prevents the need for substantial future renovations.

Additionally, great interior design helps to raise the value of your home and creates timelessness and longevity making it more sellable.


Uplift your lifestyle

Great interior design uplifts our moods, creates function, balance, and harmony between many flowing ideas. Notice how your mood is affected when you enter a beautiful space that makes sense vs. a space that does not. The space around us affects our moods, this is a huge deal in our homes, as our homes serve as a retreat, where we relax and unwind. Our own personal oasis.

family friendly dream homes in Red Deer

Remove the stress and overwhelm of a new build or renovation.


Building and designing a home from scratch can be very stressful and overwhelming with all the decisions you have to make and making those choices before you know how it all fits or looks together and then trying to understand different brands or materials and prices etc.

Working with experts that already know the ins and outs and can supply the appropriate curated information you need to know in order to make an informed decision is beneficial.

People often only know what they like when they see it. This can be a challenge as we usually like a lot of things, bringing different design styles together requires serious talent in order to keep harmony between them, balance, and flow.

architecture blueprints made custom for home owners
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