So your thinking about building?

This just happens to be what we eat, sleep and breathe. Welcome!

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Colbray Homes is all about delivering a full service hassle free experience, building high performance custom homes, skilled in drawing out your unique vision and bringing it to life.

We understand this may be one of the largest investments you make in your life. That's a big deal and we don't take that responsibility lightly, In fact we think about it a lot! We question everything diligently we watch and we listen intently using every opportunity to learn and evolve to deliver a better quality product, better service, and more value to our clients. 

We believe we have honed in on just what your looking for....

Its an experience and we've made it our standard.  

whether your building a brand new Custom Home or doing a Renovation to your existing home you can 

Choose between our Designer home experience or our more hands on Custom home experience.

From start to finish, the building experience with Colbray will be tailored to your unique needs - from the floorplan to the design.  We will create the most functional space for your unique needs, and then create a design that stirs your soul. 

Building True Custom homes is just what we do. You will have full access to our award winning designer and our entire team of experts. We truly work with the best. We have long standing, strong relationships built on integrity and trust with the industries best.  It is our mission to see your dream come true and we are here for you to make sure it happens.

"Integrity is not something you show others,
it’s something you do when no one is looking."


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Now that your blueprints are ready, lets get together for our famous discovery session. Here we will uncover more about what is important to you, what you love and really begin to hone in on your unique style and vision. Armed with all this info we are now ready to quote your home exactly the way you want it, eliminating any surprises during the build.


Pick up that phone and give us a call, lets set up the first meeting. we will start the process with the initial get to know you stuff, where we learn who you are, what your dreaming about, and answer all the burning questions you have.

Ready? Lets begin...

We will start by getting together to either begin drawing your dream home or customizing a pre-designed home to suite your needs. We will work together using all our experience to help you create the plan of your dreams, while keeping your home budget in mind. Don't know what you want yet? Don't let that be the thing holding you back, no stress... we got this. Already have home plans? Go ahead and fast forward.

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Your quote is ready. Colbray Homes is known for our unique way of quoting, never failing to impress even the most discerning buyer. We are huge believers in transparency. When we give you a quote it is true and fixed, there was no guessing here, and we can show you.

Yes you say?

Now the fun begins...

You will be introduced to the next phase of experts and we will get to the good stuff and bring this baby to life!

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Integrity is our foundation.

Expertise is our promise -

with a reputation you can trust.

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