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Forest to demonstrate eco friendly, environmentally consious home builder in Central Alberta and Red Deer

Every home Colbray builds is Certified Built Green, and it's been this way since the beginning when Colbray opened back in 2007. 


That means every home built since 2007 has been 3rd party energy adviser tested and has received a blower door test. Ensuring the effectiveness of our systems used and that each home is airtight, with these tests we are able to correct any issues on the spot. Our clients receive all these ratings.

The beauty in this is really in the learning, and that each home gets better and better,  13 years later we have truly honed in on exactly what it takes to build a high-performance home.

Our average ratings are truly phenomenal, and something we are very proud to share. Building a home to Colbray's standard construction we are achieving blower door ratings of anywhere between .52 - 1 air exchange per hour... and this is not on a little cabin in the woods with no windows, these are large luxury homes, where plenty of large windows are a must. 

Unfortunately, homes just don't get tested but studies say an average home tested today would be about 3.5 air exchanges per hour.


Watch the video below, to see this in action. He says it best "if it's not ratable it's debatable"

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

Building Forever Homes
High performance for whatever life throws at you.

We are committed to building high-performance top-quality homes. Through the Built Green program and the detailed regulations and testing we are able to have direct feedback on each home we build which assists us in this mission. ​

There are so many benefits for our clients building this way. Enjoy savings on water, gas, and electricity, a far more comfortable home, with fewer heat variances between rooms, no more cold spots or draft areas, better air quality with less stress on the respiratory and immune system especially noticeable if anyone in the family has allergies. One of the biggest and often overlooked benefits is durability, we are building our homes with the intention of preventing substantial future renovations, which means using products and building methods proven to stand the test of time.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

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