Getting Started

Getting started is as easy as phoning or email one of our area Sales Manager, usually this results in setting up a meeting where we can go over everything like you preferred area, house plans, your goals and budget etc. For those who are not in the area we can do this over the phone.

You can also stop by one of our show homes to speak with our area Sales Manager. We are open Saturday - Wednesdays from 1pm to 5pm.

It is our mission to ensure our customers have an easy, stress free, enjoyable experience. One they would gladly recommend to their friends.

Here are a few key things that help make this happen:

  1. Integrity - This word perfectly describes Colbray Homes as a builder! Our team is built of honest people with strong moral values, who genuinely care for our clients and work hard to ensure complete satisfaction during and long after your project is complete.
  2. Higher Standards - We are known for our high standards! This is a huge contributor to our clients happiness. When you have a large selection of high end products to choose from it eliminates the need for constant upgrades or out of pocket expenses. Which is one of the biggest fears clients have when considering a new build.
  3. We keep up in the loop - our simple on-line system lets you keep track of the progress of your project with the click of a button or easily communicate with our team 24/7. There are so many more great features with this program. Our clients love this!
  4. We never cut corners! - In fact we embrace them. We choose to go through the most elite programs, like Alberta New Home Warranty for example, which has be far the provinces most stringent requirements for memberships. We are certified Built Green. Being certified requires us to use advanced building technologies, more durable building materials and practices, as well as 3rd part testing by certified energy advisers to assess the effectiveness of the systems that have been installed. We also have each of our homes "blower door tested" to ensure air tightness. This will tell us if there are any leaks in the house which we can then fix. At this point we are expert in air tightness. There is immense satisfaction in knowing you chose the right builder that your hard earned money is going towards a home that you are proud of and confident in.

Online Access for Homeowners

Our simple online system makes it possible to access your project from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
To access your account please contact Buildertrend at 1-877-309-0368.