Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost per square foot?

A - This is often one of the first questions we are asked, and one of the harder questions to answer, as our Acreage/Estate homes are completely customized to each individual and the cost from one to the next can be vastly different. What we can offer to help you see what your money will get you, is a look at our past projects. We have put together a book of previous acreages we built with the sq ft and the price, to give you ideas as well as a greater understanding of cost.

Ex. Its like asking how much is your car by the pound, if you have a chevy and a cadilac they will weigh the same but the cost will be very different. The price per sq ft is dependant on what options and features you choose for your home.


How far do you travel and what is the cost?

A - We can travel with in 1 hr 30 mins of Central Alberta, with no charge for travel.


Who takes care of the services to the land?

A - We can take care of everything! We want the process to be as smooth and stress free as possible for our clients. All you have to do is give us the go ahead and we will take care and guide you through the entire process.


What is the cost of services to the lot?

A - Budgeting $40,000-$50,000 (depending on where home will be situated on lot) for services is usually good. This will get you water, sewer, power and a gravel road.


How do we proceed when we haven't agreed on a plan?

A - Our designer has been at her job for over 25 years and is very good at what she does, all you need to do is have an idea of what you want in your home, and she will fill in the blanks, and we will work with you until you completely satisfied with your plan.


How do we make sure all our selections will look good together?

A - We have an amazing Interior designer that will be able to guide you through the process and give advice when needed. She can be involved as much or as little as you want. This service is free with the purchase of a Colbray Home.


Do you Acreage plans/pictures we could look at?

A - Yes. We have put together a book of our plans and prices from past projects to help give clients a better understanding of price as well as ideas. We also have pictures of our more recent acreages on out website for viewing.


How many homes do you build in a year?

A - In a busy year we will build around 30 homes. Nothing is more important to us then our customers satisfaction. Colbray Homes takes great care in formulating a plan for sustainable growth each year. By diligently following this plan, Colbray homes ensures that every customer is given the attention they deserve. This approach has enabled Colbray homes to maintain a standard of quality that is difficult when construction a larger amount of homes


What about warranty?

A - We use Alberta New Home Warranty. This program imposes the provinces most stringent requirements for membership. We want to give our Clients complete confidence in us as their builder! We have every intention on caring for our clients long after their home is complete! As their satisfaction with us after we hand over the keys is just as important as when we were building their home. This is in part how Colbray has built their great reputation.


What does Green Built Certified mean?

A - This means we use better more durable building materials to prevent future renovation. -A more energy efficient home, with less heat transfer, no cold spots, and reduced monthly heating bills. -A healthier home, lower toxicity, better air quality and ventilation. -3rd party testing ensures your home is air tight!


We will probably be at the site daily, will that be a problem?

A - No, we don’t mind that at all. We completely understand how exciting it is! It is important that you know exactly what is going on with your home, so we also use a program for those who aren't at the site daily, which will keep you in the loop every step of the way. You will always have direct prompt communication with all involved, as well as receive daily pictures and updates, you will also have a copy of the construction schedule so you always know what’s going on.


There are so many builders out there, how can we be sure that going with Colbray Homes is the right decision?

A - The majority of our clients come to us from referrals. We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built for ourselves, and are confident that if you asked around that it would only solidify your decision in choosing Colbray Homes as your builder. We are also able to provide reference’s. This is a huge purchase and we feel it is very important that the consumer checks reference’s before making such a purchase, and because we are an honest, solid company we have many!


Another builder who I prefer not to build with said they would build my home for a very low cost. Could you match this price?

A - If you are seeking the absolute lowest price, Colbray Homes may not be the right builder for you. However we will secure the absolute best price on all materials and labour because we are a preferred general contractor. We will charge fairly for our ex-pertise. We are very upfront with everything and give each client a personalized binder breaking down absolutely everything. Our customer relationships are built on trust.