My Boyfriend and I Coltyn started looking for a home with our Realtor Grant Harder (My Sister in Law's father) in January, after having no luck in finding a home that matched us, Grant suggested coming to see a spec home in Mackenzie Ranch! After seeing the Hampton we were in love! Unfortunately that house sold 2 days later so Grant said no problem lets build you another one the way you like it! Not soon after things started to fall into place and it was a suprisingly easy process with Colbray. Chris was very helpful in making choices for our plan and all of Colbrays Vendors were absolutely wonderful to work with, Angela at Carpet One was so helpful and all the interior and exterior choices we made turned out better than we expected. Colbray is unique in the fact that their Standard would be an upgrade with any other builder, its exceptional that they can offer above average designs for no more or maybe even less than the price of its competitors! Chad has also been very helpful and answered all my texts and phone calls in a timely matter, he was understanding of the first time home buyer with uncertainties. We have been in our house for a month now and every person that has come over is blown away of how beautiful it is and they never want to leave, and frankly neither do we! I would definitely suggest Colbray to my friends and family and my mom actually mentioned if they were to build again (They built 7 years ago) they would build with Colbray for sure!

Thank you for putting such an effort in everything you do!

Lindsey & Coltyn

I was looking for buying a bi-level house with a rental suit or renovate my present house into such that I would live on the upper level and rent out the lower level. I met Mrs. Patti Horn at a show home in Lacombe, Alberta. Patti was a sales person of Colbray Homes. I told Patti what I was looking for, and she introduced me to Mr. Chris Wallace, the president of Colbray Homes. Chris came to my house and we discussed various options to meet my needs. He was very frank, friendly and resourceful. I was convinced after our first meeting that he was a person whom I could trust and account on to build a house for me. However, I was uncertain about a number of other things. Chris arranged me to see a bi-level house with a rental suit that Colbray Homes recently built and also showed me the blue print of the house for several times. In our discussions he explained me a lot of details in building such a house, including where to purchase a lot, how to get approval from Lacombe city, where to apply for a mortgage, and of course the cost, legal process and time line for such a project. I was stunned by so many things involved in the process, but happily surprised that he and his company would take care of majority of the business. Once again, I was very impressed by his frankness and resourcefulness. So, we agreed Colbray Homes to build a house for me in Lacombe, and so the project was started.
During the course of six month of house building there were a number of cases where I wanted to know what was happening or have my own preferences for floor, cabinets, fixtures and appliance etc. Chris, Patti and Mr. Chad Collins, the construction manager of Colbray Homes, were available to help me each and every time I need them or have questions. They never missed any of my requests for meetings, and also updated me the progress timely, and answered all my questions. They delivered their promises either written in the contract or by private discussions. I am very impressed by their professionalism, sincerity and resourcefulness. It was really a very pleasant experience to work with them. If I need to have another house built for me I will certainly choose Colbray Home to do it.


We recently took possession of our new Colbray home. This is the third house that I have had built (all different builders) and by far the best experience. From the beginning we felt like Colbray tried to understand not only just building our house but really the style and design we were going for and made several suggestions that truly made a difference. Colbray was very good about being honest in their opinion of what would be good bang for your buck and what wasn't, not always pushing or even suggesting to spend more. We were very happy with the cost tracking and anytime we questioned where we were at financially on our build we could check the app on our phone and or ask if it was up to date on recent changes. The app was also a very nice, easy way to track and approve or decline any changes. Very happy with how good the communication was and how transparent all of the costs were. We were also very impressed with all of the workers that Colbray had building our home. They were all very polite and professional and did a great job of accommodating us and keeping the construction area as tidy as could be expected. Our home was build only feet from where we were living and with an toddler playing (not while workers were working) it was nice to know that he wouldn't be in the yard playing with cigarette buts or nails. The only part of our build that I wish would have went better was twice with different sub trades brought in and both times I was very happy to see Colbray didn't just leave it up to us to deal with them and they "went to bat" for us, making sure that we were happy and that the job was done right. Personally I found that Colbray was great to deal with and I believe that they built us a quality home. I should also mention that our home was completed on time, which is really nice compared to past builders I have dealt with. We would, and have recommend Colbray to anyone looking to build a home. If anyone has any questions or want to hear it from me directly I would be happy to talk to anyone about our experience.

D. Rowley

Our experience with Colbray was nothing but positive. As first time builders we were not sure what to expect, but we were given reassurance through the entire process. Whenever something was missed or done incorrectly they were so quick to make it right! When we felt like we were being overly picky or critical they always assured us we were not and made sure we were happy with how things were. From the very beginning we were promised "if you aren't happy, we will make you happy". And they absolutely did. We are thankful every day we were able to go through this process with Colbray and would absolutely work with them again.

The Freisen's

A big thanks to Chris Wallace and his team at Colbray Homes!

My wife Shirley and I just took possession of our new Colbray home 1 week
ago. It came in on budget and on time as promised!! Chris and his team
looked after everything for us. Right from the get go when meeting with
Patti Horn at
the Henner's Lake show home in Lacombe for initial discussions to formal sit
downs and planning with Chris. They worked with us to design and build a
home that fit our budget and needs. We had wanted a home that was built
green, and it was evident after our research that Colbray went above and
beyond the minimum thresholds to exceed those requirements. It's their

We were allowed access to the home while being constructed where we could
see the development. It was always a very open process. When we were away,
we were able to follow the progress along thru Builder Trend for schedule,
changes, pictures, updates, etc. The Change Order process worked well for
reviewing and approving changes as they came up and or were requested. Chad
worked hard to keep us abreast of the progress and was easily able to be
reached any time when we had a questions. He always had time for us and it
never seemed to be a bother, no mater how busy he was.

It's only been a week but we very pleased with our choices and the final
result Colbary pulled together for us.

Sincerely, thanks to Chris and his whole team for our beautiful new home!!

Bill & Shirley

Our experience with Colbray homes was awesome. From start to finish they were thorough and always communicating well with us. It was great to have input during the design process on what would work well in our new home. Once we had a complete design and blueprint, time seemed to fly by because everything from ground break to framing to finishing was well organized and done with such profession. The supervisor of our build went above and beyond anything we'd expected. We can't thank Chad enough for all his efforts and abilities to keep us informed and cater to our adjusting needs as the house was being built. We were well taken care of in the areas where we thought we'd like to do things differently than what original plans stated. Now that we are are in our new home, Colbray continues to keep in contact and still answers all our questions that we have as we learn about our home and become accustomed to it. We can't say enough about the entire Colbray crew and the people who have the opportunity to assist in building the homes Colbray creates. Chris, Chad and Daren have made this experience a once in a lifetime one, as we have built a 'Forever Home' and plan to spend the rest of our lives here. Colbray Homes has our highest recommendations in being anyone's future homebuilder. You will not regret working with these people as they work with you.

The Waisanens

When we decided to build our next home we toured many show homes throughout central Alberta. We paid close attention to the quality of craftsmanship that went into each home. It is because of this that we chose to have Colbray build our new home. The attention to detail and standard features that the Colbray Homes provide really stood out to us. From getting the blueprints drafted up for our custom floor plan to our one year walk through, Colbray has been there for us all the way. If any issues ever arose, they dealt with them quickly so that we could continue to enjoy our new home. It was an exciting experience for us and we encourage anyone that is thinking about building a new home, check out Colbray Homes. You will not be disappointed.

Darcy & Tara

Anita and I have been in our Colbray home for just over a year and we still love it. Starting the process with Jackie was painless. She provided detailed explanations and answered all of our questions. I loved our pre-construction meeting with Chris, as we discussed our wish list. Chris provided us with his expert opinion on whether some of those items were worth the additional costs. He even provided his own thoughts on some items. It was a very collaborative effort. Angela, their interior designer, listened to our likes and dislikes and did a great job putting it all together.
Construction started and the communication continued. With something as big as a house, there were some hiccups. What was important was how Colbray dealt with them. Chad was very professional and responsive, quickly resolving any issues. During the possession walk through, Chad explained (sometime twice) everything thoroughly. Daren was always quick to respond to any problems.
Overall, we highly recommend Colbray to anyone we know who might be building a house. They treated us like family.

Anita & Lorna

Moved into our new home in August. Colbray staff, trades and suppliers were all excellent. Knowledgeable & very attentive to detail. We are loving our new home & neighbourhood!
Derry & Lorie

Derry & Lorie

After attending the Red Deer Home Show in March 2015 we discovered that many builders were not willing to build in the rural areas .
We were referred to Colbray Homes by one of these builders and went to a Show Home in Blackfalds and we liked what we saw.
We set up a meeting with Chris on our bare land in the Clive area. He went through some plan options and we saw one that caught our eye that day.
Chris was able to work within our budget and schedule .Things took off from there and happened quickly to the eventual completion of our home.
We love our new home and enjoyed working with the Colbray Team!!

Thank you for your support and integrity,

After attending the Red Deer Home Show in March 2015 we discovered that many builders were not willing to build in the rural areas .
We were referred to Colbray Homes by one of these builders and went to a Show Home in Blackfalds and we liked what we saw.
We set up a meeting with Chris on our bare land in the Clive area. He went through some plan options and we saw one that caught our eye that day.
Chris was able to work within our budget and schedule .Things took off from there and happened quickly to the eventual completion of our home.
We love our new home and enjoyed working with the Colbray Team!!

Thank you for your support and integrity,


To the Colbray team,
I cannot put into words how great it was working with you all on our house. A year has gone by fast and we are enjoying our home. Thank you so very much for your efforts to make our house a home!


Several years ago we connected with Chris Wallace from Colbray homes as we were looking to build our dream home in the country. We were looking for a practically minded, reputable company that understood our needs. We wanted a team atmosphere, a crew of people that cared about their clients, and personalities that were easy to work with. We found it all with Colbray Holmes.
We had never built a home before, and we were very naive as to the process. Colbray's team walked us through every step, from design and layout to the finished product. It was a fantastic experience.
The Colbray team focused on our needs, goals, and went above and beyond our expectations of a home builder. We love our home, and are so pleased with the finished product. We would recommend Colbray to anyone that is looking for a quality built home, and a talented group of individuals to work with.

Farnel Family

We are currently building a new home and have had nothing but what perfect service. The choices with Colbray were above and beyond the competition allowing us to get what we want in our budget. Building with Colbray homes was the best decision that we have made and would recommend Colbray to anyone wanting to buy a superior build home. Thanks

Chris & Ashley

We wanted to say thank you to Chris and his team for the great job in the completion of our Colbray home in Lacombe. From start to finish it has been a pleasure to work with such great professionals. We were not only pleased with the end result but with the opportunity during construction (even while out of the country) to communicate with Chris and Chad as well as the sub trades on any concerns or questions we may have had. The end result and journey through to completion has been great and we look forward to enjoying our Colbray home for years to come. We will certainly recommend to those that may be building in the future to see what Colbray has to offer first.
Thanks so much!!!!

Brian and Bev

As a first time new home builder we didn't have experience to draw from when evaluating our many options for builders so we could only draw from others experiences and in talking with others many people have horror stories so we were somewhat apprehensive of the whole idea .We viewed many show homes to get ideas and quite honestly we were impressed with the Colbray show home in Blackfalds from the moment we walked in the door. Initially we were greeted very well upon arrival and found the show home host Grant Harder to be friendly and knowledgeable and beyond that the quality and layout of the home pretty much spoke for itself . Once we determined that Colbray was our builder of choice we proceeded to look at small changes to customize the home to our needs and preferences . I found that Colbray provided good support and ideas while allowing us to personalize the home and did not price gouge for changes to the standard design . Once the plans were completed and contract was signed we did not notice a difference in the level of customer service and in fact we found the project management team to be equally as professional and easy to deal with . Through the process of the build communication was good and we were happy with the sub trades and felt that any time there was reason for concern it was addressed appropriately . The build schedule was very important to us as and we feel that it was also a high priority to Colbray however they were never willing to compromise their standards for quality in order to stay on schedule . The fact the Chris was on site for turn over day and him and Chad were in the basement sweeping the last of the construction mess up spoke volumes to us on the commitment to the customer right down to the end. As always there were a few little details that needed to be addressed after we took possession and the assistance in getting them handled with the various trades was excellent . We have been in our new home now for over 3 months and items ( other than seasonal ones ) have been rectified and we still have nothing bad to say about the whole experience . At the end of the day we would build again with Colbray and would gladly recommend them to friends or family without hesitation.
Thanks very much !

The DeRuyter Family

I have to tell you that we are very happy with our Colbray home , we have been in for three weeks :)
But what I also want to say is that the people we have and are dealing with are so great..........Darren, Chad 1 and Chad 2 Christopher the carpenter, Chris ( :) ) Sarah and Taren ( electricians ) , they are so happy to listen to our needs and so pleasant and efficient and willing and able to do what we are asking!

We have never built a home before and Colbray made the whole process smooth and almost trouble free!! We are grateful and love our million dollar view out back! ( Lacombe Henner's Pond )



Having purchased a Colbray home 9 months ago I must say it has been a very positive experience. I have not had an problems with the installing of kitchen and bathrooms (I would like to say to the gentleman who did all the tile work in my home what a terrific job - Thanks so much.) As I was not able to be here in Lacombe while the house was being build I was at first a little nervous, but I really did not have to worry as everything was completed as requested. All the staff at Colbray from beginning to end have been terrific and Daren has been a gold mine of info and has taken care of everything in a very timely fashion. The time frame for possession had to be changed due to the sale of my previous home and Colbray were very accommodating to make this happen.

If I were to build again I would certainly choose Colbray as my builder of choice and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone thinking of building. The level of professionalism has been outstanding.

Thank You for giving me this opportunity to voice how I feel about the whole experience of building.


We are very pleased with our Colbray home. Even with some of delays with permitting etc, we are now settled and feel we made a good choice with our location and the quality of our newly constructed home. Any questions or concerns have been addressed is a very satisfactory manner.


Thanks to Colbray Homes -Chris and Chad and crews - for so professionally taking us through the construction of our home. They were able to capture our vision for the structure and location. Excellent communication and professionalism were started on day 1 and continued throughout the whole process. They gave us a move in day and kept that promise. The trades people they used were most excellent in the work and in accommodating our desires. It has been an excellent experience and we highly recommend Colbray Homes to anyone looking for a solid character organization to trust with their vision and resources.


I have nothing but praise for the people at Colbray Homes. They have been very accommodating for any concerns that have arisen and I am loving my Colbray Home.

Cheers, Ada


Colbray Homes recently completed the construction of our cottage located in Sylvan Lake and we wanted to commend them for an outstanding job!
The entire experience, from start to finish was tremendous. Chris, President, and Chad, Project Manager, were wonderful to deal with. They were always professional, responsive, accommodating and supportive throughout the entire building process.
The workmanship of Colbray Homes’ tradespeople needs to be acknowledged as well as all the individuals involved were outstanding in their respective trade.
We would highly recommend Colbray Homes without any hesitation!

The Breitkeuz’s